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Up to 50% savings on ALL our jewellery.


Diamond Cut Grading

It is the cut that allows a diamond to make the best use of light. A diamond is cut into many facets at optimum angles to produce maximum brilliance (sparkle), and light is refracted internally from one facet to another before being dispersed thorough the top of the stone.

If the cut is too deep, some light will escape through the opposite site of the pavilion; too shallow and light will escape through the pavilion before it can be refracted. A master cutter ensures full light dispersion, maximising the inherent beauty of the stone.

The quality of the cut is known as the "make". If cut properly a diamond reflects the light back up through the center of the stone to give its characteristic sparkle.


Diamond Proportion Analysis

Diamond Proportion Analysis


Various Diamond Cuts

Round Cut Emerald Cut Marquise Cut Oval Cut Heart Cut Princess Cut Radient Cut Pear Cut Asscher Cut


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